Praising God in the Storm

Many songs are good, some songs are really good, but this song has long found itself classified by me as totally excellent. It is excellent as it is written, but after you listen to the background (inspiration for the writing of the song), it’s even more meaningful. This video is the testimony and the song… Sometimes God calms the storms in our lives and sometimes he just rides them out with us. Casting Crowns lead singer Mark Hall tells of a little girl who passed away from Cancer and ...Read More

Press On!

It has been quite some time since I have written anything.  To say the least, times have been challenging on multiple fronts.  Perhaps more tough than ever before in my Christian life.  Yet, the Lord has sustained us and given us hope and peace in the midst of the storm and is permitting us to be part of advancing His kingdom. I love to read a verse of scripture, take out a key word, look it up, and trace its use throughout the rest of the bible.  This morning, ...Read More

Joy in Exhaustion – The Rebel’s Guide to Joy – Charles Wesley

This is a partially transcribed excerpt from an original message entitled: ”The Rebel’s Guide to Joy in Exhaustion.”  and can be downloaded from “” Exhaustion.  The lives that we admire tend to be people that have given everything they have for their mission.  They fight, they strive, they struggle… they’re tired and weary, hungry and hurt, but they don’t give up.  They go to the very end.  They persevere. This is the story of one of those saints named Charles Wesley. Charles Wesley’s family loved Jesus.  His dad Samuel ...Read More

To Be Educated – by Carolyn Caines

If I learn my ABC’s, can read 600 words per minute, and can write with perfect penmanship, but have not been shown how to communicate with the Designer of all language… I HAVE NOT BEEN EDUCATED. If I have read Shakespeare and John Locke and can discuss their writings with keen insight, but have not read the greatest of all books–The Bible–and have no knowledge of its personal importance… I HAVE NOT BEEN EDUCATED. If I have memorized addition facts, multiplication tables, and chemical formulas, but have never been ...Read More

A Call to Anguish, by David Wilkerson

This message is a partially transcribed excerpt from an original message spoken by David Wilkerson.  The full message is titled: “A Call to Anguish.”  and can be downloaded from “” And I look at the whole religious scene today and all I see are the inventions and ministries of man and flesh.  It’s mostly powerless.  It has no impact on the world.  And I see more of the world coming into the church and impacting the church, rather than the church impacting the world.  I see the music taking ...Read More

Asleep in the Light

We are involved in Sunday school, multiple worship services, small group meetings and fellowship meals… we are listening to Christian radio, music, sermons, internet broadcasts, and podcasts… reading Christian books, blogs, commentaries, emails, newsletters and magazines… watching youtube, televangelists, debates, and live broadcasts… attending revivals, retreats, conferences, seminars, and concerts. Are we not stinking sponges?  Absorbing and sponging in everything spiritual while giving very little back to the people around us.  It seems to me that we are guilty of perfecting our systematic theology while our neighbors are dying ...Read More

When God seems Late

It is interesting to me that the Author of Time is never punctual… at least, not by my clock.  The problem is not with God’s timing, the problem is that I insist that He act on my schedule.  God commands us not to be anxious about anything and to pray about everything with thanksgiving (Philippians 4:6).  To what end?  That He might answer when I please?  No.  The promise is that He will grant us peace that passes all understanding that will guard our hearts and minds, whether the ...Read More

You Will Suffer – John Piper

The text here is a partially transcribed excerpt from a message spoken by John Piper.  Consider listening to the entirety of the message from which this excerpt is derived… entitled “How Our Suffering Glorifies the Greatness of the Grace of God.” The purpose of God in creating the universe is to display the greatness of the glory of His grace supremely in the suffering of His Son.  That’s yesterday.  Today, the summons.  Will you join the Son in displaying the supreme satisfaction of the glory of grace in joining ...Read More

When It’s All Been Said and Done

Time is the most precious, and yet often ignored, commodity on earth.  I spoke with a man recently who was admittedly not a born again Christian.  When I asked of his life’s ambition he replied:  “To be wealthy so that I can be secured and be in a position to help others.”  Sounds like a relatively noble aspiration.  My reply: “What would you profit if you gained the whole world and yet lost your own soul?  An interesting conversation ensued. The question is for us.  What are our goals ...Read More

The Seeking Life — Jim Elliot

Wherever you are, be all there.  Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God — Jim Elliot The life and death of Jim Elliot was a testimony of a man committed to the will of God. He sought God’s will, pleaded for it, waited for it, and—most importantly—obeyed it. His martyrdom at age twenty-eight and subsequent books on his life by his former wife, Elisabeth Elliot, have been the catalyst for sending thousands into the mission fields and stoking the fires of a ...Read More